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Protopopescu & Partners is a one-stop shop that provides all the legal requirements that a modern entrepreneur needs. Our team is partnered with Avocatoo.

Before you kick off your marketing campaign or release a new product, make sure that your logo or the name of your service or product are protected as a trademark. Otherwise, there is a high possibility that a competitor might send you a cease and desist notice requesting you to stop using said name or logo, despite theirs not being identical.

That is why we are here to help you!

While we provide a vast array of legal services, here are just some of the most requested:

  • Terms & Conditions;
  • Privacy and Cookie Policy (GDPR);
  • Contracts with app-developers;
  • Contracts with site/logo designers;
  • Commercial contracts;
  • IP rights licensing/assignment contracts;
Intellectual Property
  • Trademark registration (OSIM, EUIPO WIPO);
  • Trademark preliminary searches;
  • Monitoring trademarks against infringement;
  • Proceedings against trademark infringement;
  • Cease and desist notices regarding intellectual property rights;
  • Corporate training for employees/collaborators regarding IP rights;
Workshops and Seminars
  • Corporate training regarding IP rights – what they are and how they are protected;
  • Legal proceedings before Intellectual Property Offices (OSIM, EUIPO)
  • Opposition;
  • Appeal;
  • Provisional refusal;
  • Legal proceedings before national Courts of Law, regarding various fields of law, including intellectual property, civil law, commercial law, family law, and many others
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