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To say that this past year has not been easy budget-wise on entrepreneurs and startups is a bit of an understatement.

Luckily, the EUIPO alongside partner Intellectual Property Offices must have really enjoyed that famous Jerry Maguire scene – “Help us help you!”

So, they have created a Fund to help out small and medium-sized companies by covering up to 1.000 EUR of official fees regarding the registration of trademark and industrial design.

This SME Fund will cover up to 75% of registration fees, whether they regard national (OSIM) or EU rights (EUIPO).

For example, if you want to register an EU trademark (protected for every EU member state) for one Nice class, let’s say “selling shoes online”, then official fees will be in amount of 850 EUR.

Thanks to the SME Fund you can get back 637,5 EUR, which amounts to 75% of 850 EUR. The amount left consisting of 362,5 EUR can be used to save off official fees for additional trademarks.

You can apply for this Fund right now.
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