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App icons as trademarks

Nowadays everyone relies on apps to either do their work better or utterly procrastinate. Each app is either for productivity or for hilarity.

Since they are the cornerstone of the modern tech-savvy person, the companies must compete with each other to capture the short attention span of everyone of us. One of the main tricks to catch the eye is by implementing a neat-looking app icon.

However, how can you ensure, as an app-developer, that no other competitor uses the same or a similar icon? Well, easy – you register it as a trademark.

Dos and don’ts – Register trademark

Before you start applying for a trademark, make sure you follow these tips.

First of all, make sure that your icon is distinctive enough, so that users immediately recognize it as belonging to your app. As such, please do not use graphics that are incredibly simple or over-the-top abstract, as they might be rejected by the Office.

Secondly, refrain from using an icon that describes in full the services or the product which you are providing. For example, you cannot use the name „Fruits” to sell bananas online.

If you do manage to register such a trademark, we wish you good luck in trying to enforce it.

Thirdly, make sure there are no prior identical or similar registered trademarks. If such is the case, we highly recommend you undergo a design change. Otherwise, all the budget you invest in marketing and client awareness will be in vain.

Lastly, make sure you own the rights to the name and/or logo, if they are created by a designer or a marketing team. You can ensure this via a very clear and well-written agreement.

In order to make sure that you’ll touch upon all these points and you’ll have the highest chances of success with registration, feel free to contact us.

We are always happy to work with young entrepreneurs, startups, and market veterans.

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