The legal duality of Dua Lipa

We learn from an early age that our self belongs to us and only we can decide how to use our own image. However, legal provisions sometimes turn things upside down.

This is exactly what happened to famous singer Dua Lipa, when she posted a photo of herself (yes, herself) on her Instagram page. Shortly after, she was sued by a paparazzi/tabloid company called Integral Images on grounds of copyright infringement, because she posted the photo „without permission or authorisation” of the rights owner.

They argued in their complaint that “The (Instagram) Account is monetised in that it contains content designed to accumulate followers who are directed to, via link and/or advertisement, consume and purchase Defendant’s content, Defendant profits from these activities”. In return, the company is seeking damages of $150.000 from the singer.

Despite the fact she took down the post, the litigation is still underway.
Seems like when you don’t have copyright, you’ll copy wrong. Yes, pun intended.
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*Image rights Dua Lipa/YSL Beauty*

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